(In addition to members of the Steering Committee)

Technical Program Chair
Travis Anderson, U.S. Naval Research Laboratory

Technical Program Committee Representatives:

Igor Anisimov, Air Force Research Laboratory
Peter Behrens, NSA
Luciano Boglione, Naval Research Laboratory
Radoslav (Rocco) Bogoslovov, ECS Federal
Gerald Borsuk, Naval Research Laboratory
Greg Creech, Ohio State University
Cory Cress, Naval Research Laboratory
Rich Dondero, Sandia National Laboratories
Brian Dupaix, The Ohio State University
Saverio Fazzari, Booz Allen Hamilton
Michael Fritze, Potomac Institute for Policy Studies
Michael Gerhold, Army Research Laboratory
Christal Gordon, Booz Allen Hamilton
Mark Gouker, MIT Lincoln Laboratory
Kerry Hill, Air Force Research Laboratory
Tom Jenkins, Naval Reconnaissance Office
Debby Jensen, Sandia National Laboratories
Donna Joyce, Air Force Research Laboratory
Cliff Lau, Institute for Defense Analyses
Jiang Liu, Army Research Laboratory
Lloyd Massengill, Vanderbilt University
Lisa McIlrath, Draper
Thao Nguyen, AFRL
Tony Quach, Air Force Research Laboratory
Vashisht Sharma, Institute for Defense Analyses
Raphael Some, Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Allyson Yarbrough, The Aerospace Corp.
Andrew Zai, MIT Lincoln Laboratory