Call For Papers
Steering Committe
Technical Program Committee
Welcome to the 28th Annual GOMACTech Conference
Countering Asymmetric Threats
March 31, 2003 to April 3, 2003
Tampa, Florida
Technical Program Committee
Zachary J. Lemnios, Chair | DARPA/IPTO
Eric Adler | Army Research Laboratory
Gerald Borsuk | Naval Research Laboratory 
Joe Brewer | Consultant 
Arthur Campbell | Naval Research Laboratory 
Chuck Caposell | Naval Air Systems Command 
Phillip Howerton | National Reconnaissance Office 
Chris Lesniak | WPAFB 
Richard Linderman | AFRL/IFTC 
Loren Linholm | NIST 
Ingham Mack | Office of Naval Research 
Dev Palmer | Army Research Office 
John Pellegrino | ARL 
Bill Schneider | DARPA/ MTO 
Harold Schone | Kirtland AFB 
Susan Turnbach | DDR&E