Naval Reser GOMACTech


Conference Chair
Travis Anderson, U.S. Naval Laboratory
Technical Program Chair
Pauline Paki, Defense Threat Reduction Agency
Tom Dalrymple, Air Force Research Lab
Financial Chair
Lew Cohn, Naval Research Laboratory and National Reconnaissance Office
Local Arrangements Chair
Tony Ivanov, Army Research Laboratory
Publicity Chair
Fritz Kub, Naval Research Laboratory
Awards Chair
Dan Radack, Institute for Defense Analyses

Steering Committee Representatives

Paul Amirtharaj, Army Research Laboratory
Gerald Borsuk, Naval Research Laboratory
Daniel Both, National Security Agency
Peter Buxa, Air Force Research Lab
Brian Cohen,Institute for Defense Analyses
Dan Green, DARPA
Steve Hary, Air Force Research Laboratory
Craig Keast, MIT Lincoln Laboratory
Michael Lovellette, Naval Research Laboratory
Paul Maki, Office of Naval Research
Mona Massuda, National Security Agency
Carl McCants, Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Agency
David Meyer, Naval Research Laboratory
Jeremy Muldavin, MIT Lincoln Laboratory
Dev Palmer, DARPA/MTO
Vipul Patel, Air Force Research Lab
John Penn, Army Research Laboratory
Dave Pentrack, Defense Microelectronics Activity
Marcia Sawhney, National Security Agency
Barry Treloar, National Security Agency
Bruce Wallace, DARPA/MTO
James Wilson, Army Research Lab